LPE Board Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2018

LPE Board Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2018

Lake Pointe Estates
Homeowners Association, Inc.
3250 NW 22nd Ave
Oakland Park, FL 33309

Board Members
President: Joyce Magee, 845-893-4788, joycemagee411@gmail.com
Vice President: Robert Green-Pendolari, 508-353-5061, pendolari1014@gmail.com
Treasurer: Runar Polluson, 954-676-5199, treasurer.LPE@gmail.com
Secretary: Michael Grenier, 954-567-1743, michael.lpe46@gmail.com
Director: Joel Tendler, 954-730-7287, jtptown@aol.com

Gate concerns: Please contact Bob Pinsky at 954-676-5199 or bobpinsky@gmail.com
Key requests: Please contact Runar Polluson, 954-676-5199 or treasurer.LPE@gmail.com


                  Regular Board Meeting                                6:00 p.m. March 15, 2018
                  3219 NW 22nd Ave

Board Members Present                                               Others Present
Joyce Magee                                                                             Norman Berkowitz
Michael Grenier                                                                        Tim Magee
Runar Polluson                                                                         Earl Graybeal
Bob Green-Pendolari                                                              John Hasandras
Joel Tendler – Excused absence


Welcome/Open Meeting

  • The meeting was held at the home of Runar Polluson, 3219 NW 22nd Ave. It was called to order at 6:06 p.m. by the president,  Joyce Magee.



  • The minutes of the February 15, 2018 meeting were unanimously approved. The most recent month’s minutes are posted in the glass case at the pool.


President’s Report

  • In order to keep Lake Pointe Estates the vibrant and pleasant community it is, participation is sometimes needed by residents. Attending meetings is one way to be more involved as is volunteering for committee positions as they may open. Please keep in mind that Lake Pointe Estates isn’t managed by itself; it takes people to make good things happen. See you at the meetings!
    Joyce Magee


Secretary’s Report

  • Letters and authorization forms will be mailed to those residents who opted to receive community-related emails but now have invalid addresses.


Treasurer’s Report/Approval

  • Balances as of March 15, 2018 are: Checking $13,450.55, and savings $19,393.77.
  • One owner owes $25 for late quarterly dues.
  • Another owner owes for an ongoing ACC fine of $100 for uncompleted repairs.
  • Michael moved to accept the treasurer’s report; Bob seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Old Business

  • LPE Website. Board members recommended changes to the website. Runar and Michael will finalize the changes within a few weeks and at that time, a community-wide announcement will initiate the opening of the site for all residents.
  • Pool Issues. A problem has been detected with the pool heater. Because it is still under warranty, a technician will fix it within a few days. Meanwhile Joyce will look into different levels of service with Downtown Pools as well as evaluate options with other companies who specialize in community pools. The intent of either option is to have a maintenance person who can also perform a degree of equipment maintenance and repair.


ACC Report

  • Architectural Committee. Bob filled in for the Architectural Committee while the committee membership was reorganizing. His walk-around highlighted some corrective actions needed by some property owners, and his findings were turned over to the new ACC which now consists of Norman Berkowitz, Earl Graybeal, and John Hasandras.
  • Garage Doors. Last month the Board voted to strike open garage doors as a finable event but keep it in the rules as a strong recommendation for aesthetic and safety reasons. Since then, several residents expressed opposition to this decision, and some owners left their garage doors open for entire days. Therefore Michael made the motion to repeal last month’s decision and return the rule to its original form. Bob seconded and the motion passed with Joyce opposing.


New Business

  • Community Management Services. Diego Borges of Assurance Property Management Group, LLC made a brief presentation at the beginning of the meeting. His company can assist us with the management needs of our community in any manner needed by overseeing routine maintenance activity, assistance on special projects, or complete community management. He provided a proposed contract which the board members will review and be prepared to discuss at the next meeting.
  • Resident Email Procedure. To avoid multiple responses when residents email all board members, the secretary will initially respond. The president will respond if the secretary is away or unable to do so. Unless the subject of these emails has some urgency, the response will indicate that the item of concern will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Communication Policy. Runar proposed adoption of a communication policy to which Joyce modified. The remaining board members will review both versions of the policy and discuss at the next meeting.
  • Review of Parking Rules. The parking rules were again reviewed but no changes were made.
  • Document audit. Because of changes to the 2018 HOA law, Joyce will inquire as to the cost of an audit of our community’s governing documents by our attorneys. Findings will be presented at the next meeting.
  • Homeownership Turnover. Runar reported that the house at lot 25 (3224 NW 22nd Ave) is currently under contract of sale.
  • HOA Disclosure. As a service, Runar will post, on the community website, the HOA disclosure which must be included in contracts of sale for properties located in
    communities that have a mandatory homeowners association.
  • Welcome Letter. Joyce rewrote the welcome letter given to new residents of the community. The other board members will review it and approve it at the next meeting.


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 19 at 6:00 pm at 3272 NW 22nd Ave.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Grenier, Secretary

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