Some of you may not be aware that gate cards can be used to open the gates rather than using the keypad or garage door openers.  The card reader is just to the left of the keypad and can be used by simply laying the access card on it.

The Board voted to replace all existing gate cards with new ones because:

  1. We have very few cards left under the existing system
  2. Previous owners have kept their cards
  3. Residents have given cards out to service companies, house cleaners, private aides, etc., and many of those cards have never been returned
  4. Outstanding cards still open our gates and we have no idea who has some of them, which poses a security risk.

Each house will be entitled up to two cards at no charge (additional cards may be available in the future at a price to be determined).  However, you must email the LPE Secretary with your name, address, and the number of cards you want (maximum of 2 cards at this time).

At a time yet to be announced, the gate card system will be switched where the new cards will work and the old ones won’t.  At that point, the old cards can be discarded.

You can send  your card request now by email.  The new cards will be distributed soon, but we don’t have a date yet.  Remember to email your street address number, along with your name and if you know it, your lot number.

For owners of rented property, we will give the card(s) to your current tenant, but it is your responsibility to keep track of your cards when your tenant leaves.

You can email me your requests and/or questions.


Michael Grenier

LPE Secretary

Lake Pointe Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. 3250 NW 22nd Ave Oakland Park, FL 33309 Board Members President: Joyce Magee, 845-893-4788, Vice President: Robert Green-Pendolari, 508-353-5061, Treasurer: Runar Polluson, 954-676-5199, Secretary: Michael Grenier, 954-567-1743, Director: Joel Tendler, 954-730-7287, Gate concerns: Please......

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